Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 31

No Negativity

Since I left my camera at choir practice on the 31st and didn't get it back until June 2nd, I had to make do with the quick snap I took on the way into choir practice. So I did stuff to it until I liked it. I really like the background.

May 30


And here's a little food porn. A young man who served his mission in our area a few years ago was travelling through with some pals. Had a wonderful evening visiting. They camped in our yard. I made breakfast.

May 29

No Naked Tights!

We got this little construction set a while ago. Elina noticed that the barrel had an interesting caution (click on image to view large.)

May 28

Apron Strings

Tim's work calls at all hours. I noticed a recent challenge was low key, so I've been looking for low key in my surroundings. I don't like the area between his nose and fingers, but I have no control over his movements.LOL (He didn't even know I was shooting.) I sure do love this guy.

May 27

Great Minds

I'm not sure which of them is happier when they're playing.

May 26

Memories of Last Summer

This is a curled up dead leaf on our hibiscus. I'm sure most people cut those down once the blooming is over, but I really like the way they look all dried up and brown.

May 25

More Windows

Realized it's three days in a row of window pictures! I need to get out more? I liked the way the top of this vase changed the lines of the window frame behind it. I've just been taking quick snap shots in passing lately, so the quality isn't so great on this. I still like it.